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In Gold We Trust is a fashion brand from Amsterdam and was established in 2012 by Eric Franzel. The brand reflects the founder's journey of overcoming obstacles and continuously aiming for the best. Due to their need to evolve and adapt, In Gold We Trust is not limited by boundaries and labels. Instead they are known for making things happen outside of the of a box. As a future orientated company 3D sampling and 3D adverstising was a logical next move. The owners vision on sustainability was an extra push to start digitalization. In Gold We Trust asked The Visuals to help them with this step into the future. We digitalized the collection, made promo's for social media and website, and designed multi-cultural avatars.

In Gold We Trust uses the 3D designs for internal and external communication.

3D samples on the website

Visualisations for social media

Animations for social media

Virtual models for social media

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